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Climate, the revolution is already underway

At Greenmetrics, we make the invisible visible by measuring and analyzing data from your practices and equipment. Our goal: to help your company become an actor of change!

15 million tons of CO₂

That’s the amount of emissions coming from the digital industry in France in 2019.


Digital technology, a source of pollution

Digital tools accelerate growth and attractiveness for companies and improve communication and data sharing. At the same time, they are also contributing significantly to climate change. At each stage of their life cycle, they cause CO₂ emissions and therefore, in most cases, have a negative carbon impact.

4.2% of primary energy

That’s how much energy the digital sector consumes worldwide.


On the road to depleting natural resources

In France, Earth Overshoot day took place on May 7, 2021. Our planet’s health is deteriorating and natural resources are dwindling year after year. Digital equipment, which is a major consumer of fossil fuels and raw materials, is contributing to the problem as technology evolves.

1 billion euros per year

The cost of digital pollution in France.


Economic impact

In addition to having a cost on the environment, digital pollution represents a significant economic cost on a global scale. It is also a source of major expenses for companies, especially in terms of energy, equipment and waste treatment.

80% of clients feel concerned about the fight

Carried out against digital pollution and in support of the climate.


A new challenge for companies

By reducing expenses related to digital pollution, they will be able to upgrade their image and employer brand. In the short term, it is also a question of ensuring the company’s compliance with legal frameworks, which is becoming increasingly detailed and exhaustive.

Passionate people at work for your company

Our committed and passionate team members put their expertise to work for the benefit of the eco-digital revolution… for your company!


Nicholas Mouret
Co-founder and CEO

Founder and CEO of a successful recycling company, Nicholas is convinced that the climate revolution is a source of opportunities to start changing our behavior. Thanks to Greenmetrics, he gives companies the keys to effectively fight against CO₂ emissions, starting with digital pollution.

Baptiste Thomas
Co-founder and CTO

An entrepreneur at heart, Baptiste is also passionate about anything IT-related. He brings together his technical skills and his ecological convictions to help companies better understand the challenges of digital pollution.

Daniel Lahyani
Co-founder and CDO

Daniel is an expert in data and analytics, and believes that leveraging data is a real performance driver for companies. His goal is to help companies place digital data at the core of their impact and low-carbon strategy.

Jonathan Cyrot
Co-founder and strategic advisor

Jonathan is a financial expert, entrepreneur and business angel. He has always been at the forefront of strategic challenges for companies. With Greenmetrics, he helps transform carbon management and optimize expenses.

Jordan Zeitoun
Co-founder and CFO

Entrepreneur and investor, Jordan founded the trademark Yann Couvreur and accompanied major companies in their path to financial restructuring. Through Greenmetrics, he helps companies grow in a responsible way.

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