Take our outstretched hand and join the revolution

The Greenmetrics team supports your company in its eco-digital transition and invites you to join a new virtuous ecosystem.


The Greenmetrics manifesto

If the impact of digital technology on the environment has long been invisible to everyone, today the observation is clear: every year, a French employee unknowingly emits the CO2 equivalent of a car trip of 1000 km , just by sending emails! It’s a journey from Lille to Marseille, traveled over the months with clicks on our screens …


For us, this is a real awareness : it is urgent to act to limit these invisible journeys and reduce our impact on the planet. A revolution must be led, and we are convinced that it is within the reach of all businesses!


As leaders in this eco-digital transition, our mission is to enable all companies to visualize their digital pollution and to give them the right tools to reduce it. We then created Greenmetrics, an easy-to-use integrated solution that allows you to understand, manage and reduce your company’s carbon footprint while meeting your ecological, economic and social challenges.


More than one software among others, Greenmetrics is a real invitation. We invite you to join a new virtuous ecosystem , in which you take control of your business and become an agent of change.


Take our outstretched hand and join the revolution!

The Greenmetrics team

Nicholas Mouret


Founder and director for more than 11 years of a waste recycling company of 1.4 million tons of waste, Nicholas has always put his ecological commitment at the heart of his professional projects! After selling his business, he is taking a new step in the climate revolution with Greenmetrics.

Daniel Lahyani

Co-founder & CDO

Long a Data and Analytics expert, Daniel has now been supporting large groups in enhancing their data and setting up strategic indicators for more than 4 years. Both strategist and technician, he puts his digital expertise at the service of your company to respond precisely to your problems!

Gregory Castro

Co-founder & CTO

Franco-American entrepreneur with many hats, Gregory has developed his technical skills throughout his career: retail stores director, founder of an IT security company, software publisher … He mobilizes his expertise to make Greenmetrics a complete platform , reliable and secure !

Our mission


We shed light on digital pollution so that you are a precursor of the climate revolution


We use cutting-edge technologies to provide you with precise results and better anticipate the challenges of tomorrow


We give you the keys to start the transformation of your business and boost your business

Green is the new Data