Dashboard Greenmetrics Enterprise

Be sober, in all circumstances.

Measure and analyze the digital pollution of your company’s daily activity, but also the one of your IT equipment through our automated tool. Following this precise analysis, you will follow our tailor-made recommendations in real time and apply these and deploy your digital sobriety.

Control your digital carbon footprint

Greenhouse gas emissions have a direct relationship with the management of your IT fleet and the digital activities of your employees. Their optimization is wonderful for your brand image, your employer brand, your budget and our planet!   


your environmental report and analyze the carbon emissions of your uses and equipment.


your strategy easily by applying our personalized recommendations through the dashboard.


your expenses, your environmental impact  in a major way and boost your activity with your customers and employees.

With Greenmetrics Enterprise,
neutrality is an asset!

Tailor-made prices

Greenmetrics Enterprise adapt to all companies while taking action collectively.

Recommandations Greenmetrics Enterprise pour dépolluer vos activités numériques

Greenmetrics Enterprise, your partner to clean up your digital activities:

  • Data collection
  • Analysis of the data collected
  • Reporting and monitoring of your GHG, CO₂, kWH, etc. emissions
  • Reporting and monitoring of your services and applications
  • Management and analysis of your IT park
  • Personalized recommendations
  • Quarterly report of your digital carbon footprint

Decarbonize your web interfaces with
our Greenmetrics Analytics tool as well