Let’s take the right path together,

to take action on your company’s digital carbon footprint

Digital carbon impact:
1000 miles with your mailbox !

A standard email generates around 4g of CO2. Sending a 1MB attachment to 10 colleagues is the same as driving 500 meters. But, to arrive safely, your email travels an average of 15,000 kilometers.

Today, we believe that it is urgent to take action in all areas to reduce our digital carbon footprint on the planet by limiting the kilometers that we can perceive but also those that we can’t.

Even if we don’t see these piling up, like an overflowing trash can, digital pollution is genuinely real. We decided to make it more visual, more tangible in order to raise awareness among companies, in terms of the impact and provide the tools to reduce it.

Through the use of cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence technologies, and leaning on the advice of experts, we are now able to simply assess the digital carbon footprint of your business, through the use of our tools.

Easy to use and completely integrated, they help companies better understand and manage their digital impact through reasoned, quantified and measurable results. Our comprehensive, tailor-made and scalable dashboard highlights your digital carbon footprint and eases your efforts to achieve your CSR goals.

We are here to reach out to those who wish to forge ahead.

Source : Carbon Literacy ProjectADEME

A committed and passionate team to reduce our digital carbon footprint

The members of our team put their expertise to work for the benefit of the eco-digital revolution… for your company!

CEO Greenmetrics

Nicholas Mouret

Co-founder and CEO

Founder and director of a successful recycling company, Nicholas is convinced that the climate revolution is a source of opportunities and can change our behavior. Due to Greenmetrics, it gives companies the keys to effectively fight against CO₂ emissions, starting with digital pollution.

CTO Greenmetrics

Baptiste Thomas

Co-founder and CTO

An entrepreneur at heart, Baptiste is also passionate about the digital and software realm. He now brings together his technical skills and ecological convictions to help companies properly understand the challenges of digital pollution.

CDO Greenmetrics

Daniel Lahyani

Co-founder and CDO

Expert Data and Analytics, Daniel is convinced that the enhancement of data is a genuine performance lever for companies. Its goal is to help companies put the digital aspect back at the heart of their impact and low-carbon strategy..

Greenmetrics une équipe engagée pour réduire l'empreinte carbone numérique

A partner scientific committee

To ensure transparency and methodology, Greenmetrics works with digital experts and digital frugality researchers. They independently validate the impartiality of the approach and ensure continuous improvement of the tools.

Olivier Corradi

Founder of Tomorrow and creator of Electricity Map

Fondateur de Tomorrow et créateur d'Electricity Map

Romain Rouvoy

Professor at the University of Lille and> researcher at INRIA

Chercheur à l'INRIA

Digital carbon footprint, a few figures…

4,2% of primary energies

This is the total consumption of the digital sector in the world.

Sénat, 15/12/2020

One is headed towards the depletion of natural resources

In France, the Earth Overshoot Day took place on May 7, 2021. Our planet’s state of health  is getting worse and natural resources are shrinking away, as the years go by. Digital equipment, very large consumers of fossil fuels and raw materials, tends to aggravate the problem over the course of technological developments.

80% of companies are sensitive

 to the fight against digital pollution and in favor of the climate

Novethic, 06/12/2018

A new challenge for companies

By reducing expenses when it comes to digital pollution, they will be able to improve their image and their employer branding. In the short term, it is also about ensuring the company’s compliance within the legal framework that is increasingly precise and complete.

15 million tons of CO₂

This is the quantity of emissions, due to the digital sector in France in 2019.

Sénat, 15/12/2020

Digital, a source of pollution

Accelerators of growth and attractiveness for companies, digital tools also improve communication and sharing of information. However, they are a major contributor when it comes to climate change. At every stage of their life cycle, they are a source of CO₂ emissions and mostly seem to make a negative carbon impact.

1 billion euros per year

This is the cost of digital pollution in France.

Les Échos, 24/06/2020

Digital carbon footprint, an economic impact

In addition to making an impact on the environment in a major way, digital pollution represents a certain economic cost on a global scale. It is also a source of significant expenditure for companies, mainly in energy, equipment and waste treatment.

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