Do something about your digital carbon footprint

Greenmetrics is the first platform to lead the environmental impact of your online activities. Thanks to our technology, you can identify the most environmentally harmful practices and equipment and reduce your carbon footprint over time.

A solution designed for you

With our solution, we can help you analyze, monitor and manage your digital carbon footprint. Using accurate consumption metrics, our tool identifies any sources of digital pollution that should be optimized in the scope of helping you manage and reduce emissions.

  • Implement a sustainable carbon strategy
  • Save money while reducing emissions
  • Boost your attractiveness to customers and employees

Take control of your carbon footprint

Our transparent and secure approach enables us to automatically analyze your daily activity along with your IT assets.

Identifying emissions

You can easily visualize which equipment, practices, sites and applications should be considered in reducing your carbon emissions.

Tracking consumption

Access simplified reports to monitor changes in your employees’ consumption and get them involved in your initiative.

Compensating reductions

Reduce your CO2 emissions or create compensation by supporting projects with a positive carbon impact.

Metrics and Analysis

Our tool measures your digital consumption in real time and tells you which equipment, practices, sites, and applications require optimization

Intelligent dashboards

You can view all your data at a glance from your dashboard and easily drive your action plan

Personalized recommendations

Our tool offers you a personalized action plan and suggests best practices to reduce, optimize or offset your GHG emissions.

A comprehensive offer for all companies

Starting from: €1.50 per user

Degressive rates in relation to the number of employees onboard

  • Data collection
  • Analysis of collected data
  • Reporting and monitoring of your GHG emissions, CO2, kWh etc.
  • Reporting and monitoring of your services and applications
  • Management and analysis of your IT assets
  • Personalized scoring for carbon-related activity
  • Personalized recommendations  
  • Quarterly reports concerning your digital carbon footprint
  • Suggested carbon compensation project

Our goal: to show you the way

Greenmetrics was born out of awareness: the need to put technology at the heart of reducing our carbon footprint. We are convinced that this is within everyone’s reach, and the Greenmetrics team is committed to helping you transform the way you manage your company’s carbon footprint as part of the eco-numerical revolution.

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